Predictive analytics for the logistics and supply chain industry

Supply chains have always been driven by statistics and quantifiable performance indicators. However, supply chain management is quite sensitive to major setbacks from weather conditions or equipment issues. Real-time and predictive analytics provide opportunities to manage supply chains proactively. ML algorithms can train the stock management system to predict when restocking is required to optimize production batches and eliminate inefficiencies. With predictive analytics, bridge the gaps in synchronizing planning and execution, get improved data visibility across your business spectrum, discover factors leading to stockouts or excess inventory, identify inflexible networks and distributors, and lower risks of introducing new elements into your supply chain processes.

Logistics and supply chain analytics use cases

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What do supply chain leaders think about advanced analytics?


100% aligned on the increased importance of deploying advanced analytics to drive decision making.


57% consider advanced analytics to be of critical importance in tracking and analyzing product traceability.


94% says that digital transformation will fundamentally change supply chains.


66% say that advanced analytics are critically important to their operations in the next 2 to 3 years.

How predictive analytics solutions help logistics and supply chain


in the improvement in supply chain efficiency


in order-to-cycle delivery times


in reaction time to relevant issues in the supply chain

Improve Efficiency

Improve Efficiency
Fine-tune inventory management, manage stock levels effectively, and streamline operations across the supply chain.

Better Decisions

Better Decisions
Make informed decisions, with real-time insights, to help companies maximize profits and realize operational goals.

Gain Visibility

Gain Visibility
A 360-degree view of the customers, vendors, and employees helps companies easily identify critical areas to focus efforts.

More Agile

More Agile
Deal with problems that might arise in the midst of economic, regulatory, and technological changes proactively and strategically.

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