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Advanced Analytics with Predictive Machine Learning

Harness the power of wise algorithms.

Advanced Analytics leverage machine learning algorithms to engage in an iterative learning process to understand and extract knowledge from historical data. This process helps build smart analytical models that find hidden insights and relationships in data and predict future outcomes. When given new data sets, the model automatically adapts, eliminating the need for human intervention.

With Advanced Analytics, you can:

BI vs Advanced Analytics

Go beyond traditional BI and Reporting.

Harness the power of advanced analytics to find answers to questions like “what will happen,”, “why is it happening” and, “what can we do to make it happen”. Eliminate the guess work and find the root cause of outcomes through adaptive learning techniques. Rely on machine interpreted data insights and predictions to support smarter decision making.

Advanced Analytics Business Intelligence
Orientation Foresight Hindsight
Questions you can ask What will happen?
What can we do to make it happen?
What happened?
Why did it happen?
Methods Forecasting and predictive modeling
Data mining
Text mining
Statistical/quantitative analysis
Regression and cluster analysis
Mathematical programming/heuristics
Traditional reporting
Interactive and visual analysis
Self-serve capability
Automated monitoring/alerts
Dashboards and scorecards
Multi-dimensional analysis
Operational and real-time BI
Business Initiative Proactive
Data types Structured and unstructured Structured and some unstructured
Decision drivers Analytics drive a decision Analytics and human input drive decision

Analance™ + Third Party Statistical Programs

Integration with R and Python.

Best-of-breed statistical analytics languages

analance r and python

Analance™ has its own core analytics platform with various data analysis and machine learning algorithms integrated to help users analyze data, derive insights and create analytical models to predict outcomes. Analance™ Analytics Platform delivers a wide spectrum of capabilities to predict using structured and unstructured data. The platform integrates with best-of-breed statistical analytics languages R and Python with a suite of pre-built, zero-coding machine learning algorithm to jump start analysis. Additional machine learning algorithms can be added to analyze specific customer challenges. Use our Analance™ Reporting Suite to easily build customized reports and share with multiple stakeholders. If you are a Business Analyst or a Data Scientist, understand all the correlations hidden in your data fast, in just a few clicks.

Advanced Analytics Capabilities:

  • Out-of-the-box algorithms.

  • Model training and retraining.

  • Scoring on real-time or non-real-time data.

  • Batch execution of scoring for better performance.

  • Scheduled intervals for retraining and scoring.

  • Extraction and visualization of scoring results, including complex statistical R output.

Transform Data into Intelligent Actions

Integration with Cortana Intelligence.

Speech recognition, natural user interaction, predictive and advanced analytics

analance and cortana intelligence

Analance™ Advanced Analytics suite uses cognitive computing to analyze massive amount of structured and unstructured data using natural language processing, probabilistic reasoning, and machine learning and finds meaningful insights hidden within emails, videos, blogs, social media posts and archived information. Leveraging SQL Server 2016®, Azure and Microsoft R Server, Machine Learning algorithms not only solve key business challenges but over time, adapt and learn from past interactions to make even smarter decisions. This means, users have the power to predict future trends which is a great way to stay well ahead of competitors.


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Zero Coding. Point and Click. Pre-built Algorithms.

Connecting data with AnalanceTM

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