• Get insights at a glance with intuitive data visualization
  • Tell better stories with multiple dashboards, all pinned in a single location
  • Visualize data with a simple drag and drop and drill through and into hierarchical data
  • Communicate insights on demand with just a few clicks and share

Business Intelligence Dashboards

BI Dashboarding is essential to every department in an organization. It not only helps to organize and visualize all your data in a single dashboard but also help to keep everyone in the organization on the same page. Building dashboards and exporting reports is a very basic activity department heads struggle to manage and maintain. In fact, trying to glean insights from raw, siloed data is not at all progressive. With Analance Business Intelligence, first start to centralize all your data from over 40+ connectors into a single platform. Only then the dashboards and reports you build are reliable and have some meaning. When it comes to dashboarding using the Analance BI tool, it is easy. Whether you are looking for simple descriptive analytics or more advanced predictive analytics, the process is the same. Improve how you communicate with your team and other departments in the organization. Paint a bigger picture for shareholders and customers. Track performance and key metrics for better quality and operational excellence

Dashboards that may inspire you!

Visualize and Manage your Data with Analance

Build your own dashboard and tell a better story in minutes

Reports and Dashboards available around the clock.

If you want to be proactive and jump onto business opportunities, you need real-time information. With Analance BI dashboards and reports, stay up to date and immersed with business analytics on demands. Build reports for different business units and business roles within the organization. Easily customize and automate reports to stay on top of KPIs and metrics. Define an interval (daily, weekly, monthly) and specify a file format (PDF, Excel, etc.) Set up smart alerts to stay informed about any anomalies detected in the data. Keep an eye on your data around the clock to not only take advantage of clear business opportunities but also prevent unnecessary downtime. Access dashboards from any browser, whether you are at the office, home or on the road.

Marketing Analytics

“Why didn’t we do this sooner!”

“Analance helped us reduce the number of custom reports. Now, users have direct access to the information they need and can analyze it right from an interactive dashboard. Generating and distributing reports is no longer a daunting task. This allows us to focus on only actionable information.”

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“Helped us win our customers back!”

“We were concerned with the rate at which our customers were churning. Our data was dispersed across various systems, and there was no easy way to consolidate the data for a better, more accurate picture. With Analance and the support team, we consolidated massive data sets and easily explored the data to find pertaining issues to rectify. We prevented customers from churning and won customers back. Working with Ducen and the Analance team has been productive and assuring.”


“More productive than before!”

“We have been a lot more productive than before. We saved over 20 hours per week by eliminating report writing.”


“The insights delivered were phenomenal!”

We worked closely with the Analance team and created customer views that gave us better visibility of our customers and their behavior. It really helped us increase our customer lifetime value and enhance our customer experience.


“Analance guides our decisions!”

Analance is deeply integrated into our organization and it has always played a big role in guiding our assumptions, strategies and decisions. We heavily rely on it and that goes to say, the Analance team has been fully supportive from day one to ensure we never hit a road block.


“We are prepared for every change!”

We have many end users logging in and out of Analance every day. From what I have seen, for any changes, we do not submit a ticket. Most of the time, we find a solution. The Analance team is always prepared with some kind of documentation or has a quick solution and always ready to help.


“Data is being used by everyone, every day!”

Internally, we arrive at confident decisions faster allowing us to foresee risks and take preventative measures to eliminate them. Cross-departmental use of data has also increased. Users are collaborating on the platform and engaging in knowledge and insight sharing on a day-to-day basis.

Visualize and Manage your Data with Analance

Build your own dashboard and tell a better story in minutes