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ABI - Analance Business intelligence

Analance Business Intelligence (ABI)

A true self-serve BI to ease data access, discovery, and governance

Whether you are the platform administrator, designer or business user, Analance Business Intelligence (ABI) module has an intuitive UI that allows every user quickly and seamlessly access data and data insights. ABI is a powerful self-serve platform and collaboration tool that is easy to deploy and maintain with maximum personalization for all user groups, privacy controls and customized BI reporting.

Self-Serve Data Discovery and Interactive Dashboards on the Fly

Take control of data and analytics to find the answers to critical ad-hoc questions. Transform operational data into highly enriched interactive reports, giving decision makers the power to drill down into key insights, business trends and anomalies in near real-time for smart data discovery. The platform is entirely self-serve, allowing all users to extract information easily and intuitively without any IT support.

Connect with 65+ data sources

Solve business problems by establishing a live or in-memory connection with data from 65+ available connectors to relational databases, big data sources, API sources, files, cubes and social media. Connect and unify multiple data sources before your analysis begins.

ABI - Workbook

See data in action with 40+ visuals

Bring dashboards to life with intuitive and expressive visualizations, including over 40+ charts and maps, that help drive and support thought processes. Preview ones and zeros in beautiful visuals and colors as you drag and drop values into the y-axis and x-axis. Use smart analytical models to find hidden insights and relationships in data.

Build multiple interactive dashboards

Build smart customized reports and dashboards by simply pinning up worksheets. Share critical insights easily across the organization, eliminating reporting silos. Customize reports based on user preferences and get creative and experimental about presenting data. View workbooks in configurable slideshows rather than screenshots.

Dashboard Workbook

Unleash your Flair for Creativity to Reveal Insights


All New ABI Makes

Getting Started So Much Easier

Reporting Made Easier & More Intuitive and Interactive



Intuitive Data Mapping

Database administrators and business users leverage intuitive data mapping to easily create logical query models and share them with appropriate users across the organization.


Customized Reports

Select data, filter, value and formatting preferences and change or manipulate advanced options as needed. Easily refine reports with features like standard aggregation and calculations, data filters, parameter prompts, grouping and sorting.


Fast Query Response

Quickly and simply respond to a query from the large data set with an extremely powerful query processing engine and a light weight, AJAX-enabled UI.


Export in Multiple Formats

Save and export report in different formats (png, pdf, gif, screensavers, ppt, xls, csv) and share across the organization. Schedule and distribute reports right from the platform in any format of choice to any business users to encourage collaboration.


Collaborate and Distribute

Collaborate and distribute reports and analysis with other groups or users. Set preferences for access to content for each group or user. Share comments and remarks on analysis and schedule reports to be automatically generated and delivered at specific intervals.


Customize GUI

Change the appearance of reports and analysis to match unique business needs and requirements using an intuitive display and point-and-click features. Save preferences and activities like change/move, filters, sort, format, charts and KPIs for future reference and re-usability.

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