AAA - Analance Advanced Analytics

Analance Advanced Analytics

Data Science and Machine Learning Made Easy

With the Analance Advanced Analytics (AAA) module, empower your users to analyze any data set using sophisticated techniques and tools with ease. Successfully deliver insights and predictions in minutes, not hours. Deploy fast, scale on demand and have a lower total cost of ownership by consolidating multiple platforms into one.

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You don’t need to have a Data Scientist

Build your own dashboard and tell a better story in minutes

Zero Coding. Just Point and Click.

Go through an end-to-end workflow to draw focus onto addressing real, prioritized issues and business challenges. We integrate seamlessly with R and Python zero-coding machine learning algorithms so users can jump start their analysis. But if coding is preferred, the platform also extends to let you build your own custom algorithms.

Methods of Analysis
Point and Click Algorithms

Anyone can Analyze Data like a Pro

Step-by-step workflow to make AAA truly self-serve.

Add a model and generate your output for very large data sets in minutes, not hours.

Pick and choose out-of-the-box Machine Learning algorithms from prediction, classification, clustering, survival analysis, forecasting, text classification, text clustering and association rules.

Import and prepare your data. Select the type of imputations, outliers and normalization (algorithm specific) to cleanse and normalize data.

Feature engineering. Use the built-in feature reduction method to identify variables from the data that has a relationship to only consider those for analysis using tree based, lasso regression and principle component analysis.

Sample and split data. Run model on the entire data set or select the first n records, last n record, random or stratified for sampling and set your train ratio.

Pick algorithms and enter input parameters. Select one or more ML algorithms available for the chosen analysis before running the model. Fine tune the model on accuracy, sensitivity and specificity to improve confidence on data output from every model.

View the model results. View the results based on the algorithm chosen and executed. Every output sheet will give you insights into your data you have never seen before. Based on your data score, take the trained model to a new data and make predictions about unseen behavior to identify unknown opportunities. When given new data sets, the model automatically adapts, eliminating the need for human intervention.

Deploy Predictive Models into Analance Business Intelligence to Visualize

Seamlessly deploy predictive models from Analance Advanced Analytics into the Analance Business Intelligence module with a click of a button.  Easily interact and visualize data with multi-table, table with sparkline chart, matrix, maps, histogram charts, bar charts and advanced charts  to extract insights at a glance. Drag and drop data into dashboards that tell a better story that is easy to understand and speed up decision making.

Analance Business Intelligence
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Integration with R and Python

Leverage best-of-breed languages, tools and libraries


AAA integrates with best-of-breed statistical analytics languages like R and Python with a suite of pre-built, zero-coding machine learning algorithms to jump start analysis. The process is completely seamless. Additional machine learning algorithms can be added to target specific business challenges.

Why Choose Analance as your Data Science Platform?

Analance incorporates strong data governance supporting strict compliance, integrates data science, business intelligence and data management as distinct modules into a single platform. This allow users to consolidate and centralize enterprise data and tools and move seamlessly between each one without having to worry about faulty SaaS integrations, hybrid IT infrastructure challenges, access control, monitoring challenges and unexpected break in process flows—hindering automation and productivity.

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