Telco companies have massive amounts of data at their disposal. To stay competitive, industry decision-makers must continuously follow patterns and trends hidden within their historic data, keep up with new data, classify the events as and when they occur, and proactively respond to them. Telcos are on a continuous quest to gain new insights that help improve service, automate operations, reduce human interventions, understand share of wallet (SOW) and customer spend, tap into new opportunities, and innovate ways to retain and delight customers.

The greatest challenge right now is data silos, scattered in multiple formats (structured, unstructured, streaming, and real time) and growing exponentially. Analance lets decision makers monitor and take quick and timely actions based on insights and forecasted trends. With competitive pressures, rapid technology shifts, and changing consumer demand, Analance enables Telcos to increase their customer base and revenue by meeting user needs with improved network performance and assured service.

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How Analance helps gather insights and improve customer service:

  • Monitor networks, identify potential break downs, and reduce downtime by recommending preventive maintenance and improving operational efficiency.
  • Ensure network safety and predict network threats (DDoS attacks).
  • Identify anomalies by classifying exceptional or nonconforming patterns in network traffic data compared to normal behavior.
  • Identify bottlenecks in meeting service provisioning milestones and order fulfillments to reduce missed due dates and highlight factors influencing delays.
  • Identify ways and means to streamline financial processes to make them more efficient and productive.
  • Report on billing cycle metrics to improve billing efficiency and reduce cycle time.
  • Report on accounts receivable metrics to help the Accounts Receivable team pursue delinquent accounts.
  • Track inventory and maintenance contracts.
  • Identify customer sentiments about your products and services by keeping watch on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media feeds.

Why Telco managers like to use Analance:

  • SaaS analytics platform that is truly self-serve allowing key telco decision makers to easily and quickly leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and data exploration capabilities that categorize, score, correlate and analyze data in minutes.

  • ML algorithms made easy. Step by step guided process is built to make it easy for all end users to master and fully utilize the platform in minutes.
  • Built to scale. Analance has a high data handling capacity which is supported by our benchmarking reports that support the growing needs of the telecommunications industry.
  • Leverage only what your business needs. Why invest in something you are not using? Add modules as you need them and access them seamlessly from a single pane with no integration required. Perform BI, data analysis, forecasting, and much more using just one platform.

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