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Gain control over the buyer’s journey by identifying what it is that motivates a visitor to buy. With advanced analytics, run ML algorithms on past user behavior data to identify opportunities to delight customers at the right time with the right offer.

Over the last decade, the retail industry has seen a revolution in the way it operates and serve its customers. Business strategy has moved from brick and mortar to online outlets to increase customer footprint and offer customers a more dynamic shopping experience. It has become crucial to understand and identify patterns in customer choices to be able to make relevant product recommendations to personalize a shopper’s experience.

With Analance, become a data driven organization to boost revenue margins, better customer targeting, create personalized outreach for a better return on marketing investment.

How Analance helps to identify concerns before they become problems

  • Identify user behavior using advanced machine learning algorithms, predict what they will buy next and invest in proactive marketing and increase conversions.

  • Identify and predict buying patterns of similar customers and build powerful recommendation engines to cross sell at point of sale locations.

  • Identify customers who are frequent visitors and convert them into buyers using dynamic pricing and personalized discounting offers.

  • Identify drivers of motivation, purchase, and satisfaction by analyzing Twitter, Facebook, and other social media feeds, and add meaning and value to your customers’ needs.

  • Identify and derive actionable insights by generating meaningful visualizations to gain visibility into the customer journey to strategically place decision influencers at relevant touch points.

  • Identify links between specific expenditures and marketing programs to deliver an enhanced and personalized shopping experience.

  • Identify best channels to run your marketing programs through to get the optimal ROMI.

  • Identify likely responders to your campaigns and keep them engaged with thoughtful CRM measures.

  • Identify ways to improve online campaign effectiveness and optimize spend on marketing efforts by demand landscape mapping and optimal prospect sourcing.

Why decision-makers in Retail like to use Analance

  • SaaS Analytics Platform that is truly self-serve allowing marketing decision makers to easily leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and data exploration capabilities that categorize, score, correlate and analyze data in minutes, not days, to answer those ad-hoc questions.

  • ML Algorithms made easy. Step by step guided process is built to make it easy for all end users to master the platform in minutes to fully utilize the platform.

  • Built to scale. Analance has a high data handling capacity which is supported by our benchmarking reports to be able to support the growing need of the Retail Industry.

  • Leverage only what the business needs. Why invest in something you are yet to use? Perform BI, data analysis, forecasting, and much more using just one platform. Add on any module and access them seamlessly from a single pane, with no integration required.

Analance Solution in Action

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