Some of the most innovative and progressive pharmaceutical companies are moving into analytics to restructure how they research, market, and sell drugs. With data being gathered from multiple data sources, such as R&D processes, retailers, patients, and caregivers, pharmaceuticals look to integrate and consolidate all the data into a single, unified data warehouse. With Analance, easily clean and transform data to convert all records into a golden record. Work from a reliable data set to accurately predict and visualize pattern and data outcomes. Identify influencing factors of primary medical interest, predict disease outbreak with better accuracy, design innovative drugs, and gain increased control over clinical trials and outcomes. Successfully drive marketing, finance, delivery, production, and other processes with increased efficiency and carefully plan towards making your organization a data driven leader in the industry.

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How Analance helps identify concerns before they become problems:

  • Identify risk of drug interactions by thoroughly analyzing clinical data to produce better drugs.
  • Identify indicators of disease onset and populations at risk of developing diseases, and proactively market drugs as a preventive strategy, to help people make hedging plans and earn a reputation of proactive community leadership.
  • Identify and predict the best time to launch new products into the market and equip marketing and sales with the right information and metrics to ensure successful integration into the industry.
  • Identify better sourcing methods by analyzing data geographically and creating meaningful segments from which to source raw material.
  • Identify supply-demand gaps and plan manufacturing and sourcing with higher accuracy. Gain increased control over market share and revenue.
  • Identify predictors of operational efficiency and gain control over them with real time predictive analytics and reporting.
  • Identify deviations and comply with regulations and quality assurance needs by gaining insight into your processes and production methodology.

Why Pharma and Life Sciences decisions makers like to use Analance:

  • SaaS analytics platform that is truly self-serve allowing keykey telco decision makers in pharma and life sciences to easily and quickly leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and data exploration capabilities that categorize, score, correlate and analyze data in minutes.
  • ML algorithms made easy. Step by step guided process is built to make it easy for all end users to master and fully utilize the platform in minutes.
  • Built to scale. Analance has a high data handling capacity which is supported by our benchmarking reports that support the growing needs of the pharmaceuticals industry.
  • Leverage only what your business needs. Why invest in something you are not using? Add modules as you need them and access them seamlessly from a single pane with no integration required. Perform BI, data analysis, forecasting, and much more using just one platform.

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