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Improve Patient Care, Reduce Cost and Expect Better Outcomes

AnalanceTM helps to create sustainable healthcare systems.

With Analance™, empower decisions-makers to transform healthcare systems from volume based care to value based care, reactive to proactive operations management, and service based to outcome based performance management. Drive value, improve patient care and reduce operational costs with a consolidated view of clinical and administrative practices. Deliver timely insights and make decisions with a bigger impact.

“Why didn’t we do this sooner!”

Learn how AnalanceTM transformed the Pain Center of Arizona (TPC) with better operational efficiency and improved patient outcomes.

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AnalanceTM Solutions for Providers

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Reduce Preventable Re-admissions

With predictive analytics, identify patients at highest risk of readmission early in their hospitalization and help them with improved care. Classify readmissions that are potentially preventable and those that are not. Improve hospital performance and significantly reduce costs of care for healthcare payer / health plans and insurance companies.

reduce preventable readmissions
reduce preventable readmissions
evidence based medication

Move to Evidence-Based Medicine

Answer questions with the best available information in clinical practice. Take advantage of AnalanceTM to get access to patient data, help caregivers, and take an evidence-based approach to medicine.

evidence based medication

Proactive Patient Monitoring

Having insights into patient health and behavior helps reduce healthcare provider costs and improve patient experience. Collect real-time data from sensors embedded in weighing scales, wheel chairs and patient beds. Take advantage of Analance™ proactive patient monitoring for value based care.

proactive patient Monitoring
proactive patient Monitoring
clinical decision support

Clinical Decision Support

Empower physicians with AnalanceTM to provide key insights about condition specific order sets,  create focused patient data reports and summaries and make timely, informed and higher quality decisions.

clinical decision support

Pain Management

Pain management is an important discipline in the healthcare industry with patients spending or losing billions through medication costs, lost productivity, treatment and rehabilitation. Treating a patient’s pain, either acute pain or chronic pain, based on historical treatments may reduce medical costs, ensure treatment success and shorten rehabilitation. Analance™ integrates and optimizes all available information, including pain and medical data, to provide better treatment options.

patient management
patient management
fraud and abuse

Eliminate Fraud and Abuse

With data and insight, decision makers can find, predict and track fraudulent and incorrect payments that drain significant amounts of money from healthcare providers.

fraud and abuse


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