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Drive higher organizational standards, better provider performance, improved payer satisfaction, and service innovation with Analance. Creatively explore and understand every kind of data.

With access to over 65+ data connectors, unify data from multiple sources and extract meaningful and actionable insights from one, easy to use self-serve platform. Empower healthcare decision makers to optimize patient outcomes and improve hospital management based on patient medical history and performance data.

How Analance helps identify concerns before they become problems:

  • Identify patterns in patient-doctor relationships to optimize time to care by automating repetitive behaviors such as information collection, symptom documentation, and blood work analysis.
  • Identify non-compliance issues by monitoring and analyzing in and out times, unusual infrastructure and facilities usage, and long process and procedure times. Improve quality of care and adhere to protocols and national or international standards.
  • Identify population segments or patient groups at risk of developing commodities, illnesses, and diseases. Reduce the chances of re-hospitalization and proactively market counselling services.
  • Identify propensity for fraud by analyzing claims data and profile transaction to save time and money.
  • Identify patients unhappy with services or opportunities for organization wide initiatives by analyzing patient satisfaction surveys, feedback forms, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media to improve service quality and reduce patient churn.
  • Identify chances for long wait times, cancellations, lengthy recovery times, disease stages, and likelihood of comorbidities in a timely manner to optimally plan or innovate in your organization.
  • Improve clinical and financial outcomes based on population health rather than relying on information silos.

Why Healthcare decision makers like to use Analance:

  • SaaS analytics platform that is truly self-serve allowing key decision makers in healthcare to easily and quickly leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and data exploration capabilities that categorize, score, correlate and analyze data in minutes.
  • ML algorithms made easy. Step by step guided process is built to make it easy for all end users to master and fully utilize the platform in minutes.
  • Built to scale. Analance has a high data handling capacity which is supported by our benchmarking reports that support the growing needs of the Healthcare Industry.
  • Leverage only what your business needs. Why invest in something you are not using? Add modules as you need them and access them seamlessly from a single pane with no integration required. Perform BI, data analysis, forecasting, and much more using just one platform.

Analance Solution in Action

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