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An optimized call center is essential to any organization, especially for product-based companies offering support around the clock to customers. By paying close attention to the year over year fluctuations like what time of the day customers call for servicing, or knowing what type of skills are required is valuable business intelligence. Convert rows and columns of call centre data into stories that further help to optimize your customer care and restructure call centre operations. Handle customers better with consolidated insights from past interactions. Ensure call centre agents are prepared to handle an in-surge of customers and are skilled to provide resolution on first-call.

Drive customer analytics that give insights into the next steps to be taken to redefine existing customer service options by building knowledgebases within chat boxes, FAQs, custom campaigns, follow-up services, sentiment analysis, real-time feedback to reduce inflow of calls and redundancy of customer service. Follow customers throughout their journey and create happier customers, using insights and pointers gathered from advanced visualizations and analysis.

How Analance helps to identify concerns before they become problems

  • Identify insights from call centre chats, recordings, and emails to understand customer pain points.

  • Identify indicators of customer dissatisfaction by intelligently analyzing the data that you have such as unusual silence, abrupt call ending, call misrouting, and untimely account closures.

  • Identify, build and monitor meaningful metrics / KPIs related to call times and efficiency, to tie it back to the quality of service you provide to your customers.

  • Identify segments by geography, time and digital channels to better assign agents based on meaningful insights.

  • Identify customer sentiment influencers by analyzing Twitter, Facebook and other social media data and improve quality of service based on real time evidence instead of instinct based decisions.

  • Identify or predict possible areas that your agents can help with information collected real-time through chat boxes.

  • Identify predictors of customer churn ahead of time and gain more control over the influencers.

  • Identify patterns in customer queries and reduce redundancies by building self-service call routing or relevant FAQ sections on your website.

  • Identify accurate values for questions like: How many staff members are needed on holidays, weekends, or nights?

  • Identify and predict customer satisfaction by analyzing call content instead of creating surveys or forms.

  • Identify predictors of call wait time and reduce them proactively and effectively.

Why Operations Managers like to use Analance

  • SaaS Analytics Platform that is truly self-serve allowing key decision makers in supply chain management to easily leverage advanced machine learning algorithms and data exploration capabilities that categorize, score, correlate and analyze data in minutes, to be able to respond in near real-time.

  • ML Algorithms made easy. Step by step guided process is built to make it easy for all end users to master the platform in minutes to fully utilize the platform.

  • Built to scale. Analance has a high data handling capacity which is supported by our benchmarking reports to be able to support the growing need of call center operations.

  • Leverage only what the business needs. Why invest in something you are yet to use? Perform BI, data analysis, forecasting, and much more using just one platform. Add on any module and access them seamlessly from a single pane, with no integration required.

Analance Solution in Action

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