Visibility into probable fraud to mitigate losses

Technology is known to offer convenience, but it often comes with a price. How can financial organizations ensure security and manage fraud without risking the customer experience? Learn what Analance can do.

Use Cases - How the Banking Industry is Benefiting from Predictive Analytics

How the banking industry is benefiting from Predictive Analytics

Suspicious patterns in banking data should be taken seriously. See how Analance resolves some of the major banking problems with its advanced analytics solutions.

Use Cases - Empowering the Education Sector with the Power of Analytics

Empowering the education sector with the power of Analytics

Personalizing learning experiences, providing high-quality instruction, and making accurate pedagogical decisions are critical in the education sector. How did Analance solve major problems in this industry?

Use Cases - Providing Superior Customer Experience in a Retail Environment is Critical

Providing superior customer experience in a retail environment is critical

Whether it is about streamlining your supply chain management or optimizing merchandising tactics, customer service and experience is key to success. See how Analance delivered and resolved key retail issues.

Use Cases - Predicting Appointment Cancellation

Predicting appointment cancellation ahead of time to enhance patient experience

When a Pain Care Facility struggled with patient no-shows and appointment cancellations, Analance identified factors that contribute to cancellations and turned the entire scenario around. See how.


Determining cervical cancer risk to save lives

As one of the most common causes of cancer death for American women, cervical cancer is a disease best detected early. Learn how to enable early diagnosis by determining risk factors and forecasting outcomes with accuracy as high as 94% with Analance.


Leveraging Predictive Analytics to reduce readmission rates

When patients are readmitted, this often implies poor quality of care. Regardless, reducing readmissions is not easy. Take a look at what happens when predictive analytics enters the mix: Analance identified factors that are closely tied to readmissions in order to predict risk even before patients are discharged.


Identifying high-risk patients to proactively improve outcomes

Sepsis accounts for 1 in 5 deaths globally and as such, disease management continues to be a challenge. Analance provides a solution using out-of-the-box machine learning algorithms to predict sepsis risk at the point of care.

Use Cases - Focus on Life Saving Outcomes with Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

Focus on life-saving outcomes with Predictive Analytics in healthcare

Predictive analytics is critical in the healthcare sector. With endless project possibilities on how analytics can change how providers, payers, and patients operate, we have identified four use cases that cover all.

Use Cases - Nobody Wants to Lose Good Employees

Nobody wants to lose good employees

HR professionals can transform hiring and retention practices and improve the employee experience with predictive analytics. With all the data available, Analance came up with few project ideas.

Use Cases - Change How Products are Manufactured and Materials are Processed Forever

Change how products are manufactured and materials are processed forever

With Analance, we have determined a few ways to fine-tune product quality and optimize manufacturing processes. See how analytics helps the manufacturing industry boost productivity and maximize profit margins.

Use Cases - Putting the Audience First Helps Win the Race in Fast Paced Media and Entertainment

Putting the audience first helps win the race in fast-paced media and entertainment

Get a better understanding of audience behavior with Analance machine learning techniques. We have identified a few ways the media and entertainment industry can cater to audiences more effectively.


Predicting AIDS fatality to improve patient outcomes

About 1.1 million people are living with HIV and AIDS in the US today. To determine optimal treatment plans, Analance identified factors that are strongly associated with patient mortality. Explore the scenario.


Predicting the risk of surgical complications to enhance decision making

When it comes to surgeries, a risk of complications is inevitable. But there are ways to anticipate that risk and better control the situation. Learn how Analance provided insight into whether an operation will pose complications or not, using machine learning and predictive analytics.

Use Cases - Pharmacists and Clinicians Empowered with Advanced Analytics Insights

Pharmacists and clinicians empowered with Advanced Analytics insights

Better predict market demand for different medicines to help inform development and distribution decision to optimize drug development. There are several ways Analance can contribute. See how.

Use Cases - Deep Dive into Supply Chain and Logistics Data to Better Optimize Processes

Deep dive into supply chain and logistics data to better optimize processes

See how Analance outlines how operational efficiency and effectiveness can be boosted to reduce the overall cost to serve by forecasting demand patterns, improving tracking and traceability, and more.

Use Cases - Say Good Bye to Sla Breaches Resolving a Telco Nightmare

Say goodbye to SLA breaches—Resolving a telco nightmare

Empower your business and users with predictions that help honor SLAs to improve customer experience, reduce and eliminate penalties, maintain strong relationships, and win new business with Analance.


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