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Platform Architecture Overview

Access high-performance analytics from a single platform.

analance architecture diagram

Platform Architecture Breakdown

Multiple Delivery Platforms

Easily access AnalanceTM from desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Generate reports on the fly and deliver them via enterprise portals like SharePoint and Liferay.

Easy Administration

Use an easy, unified administration portal to manage customers and business users in multi-tenant environments. Rebrand, customize and setup multilingual implements of Analance™ to meet any business and localization requirements. Use LDAP authentication to deploy a seamless single sign-on experience for various environments and security protocols. For small businesses, Analance™ also offers a custom security implementation to manage users and user groups.

Dynamic Reporting

Use Analance™, visualizations to present data in a more meaningful way. Access many dynamic, customizable reporting features, including dashboards, standard reports, scorecard reporting, simple chart reporting, multi-dimensional chart reporting, KPI management and various gauges.


Advanced Analytics

Data scientists and business users alike can use Analance™ advanced data science analytics and pre-built algorithms with just a few clicks. Apply pre-built algorithms to train models, analyze data and carry out machine learning based regression and classification for text analytics. Integrate Analance™ with Microsoft Cortana for insights hidden within emails, videos, blogs, social media posts and archived information.

Easy Data Management

Unify Multiple Enterprise Data Sources

Analyze and report without the need for a traditional data warehouse solution.

Analance™ connectors:

  • Connect to traditional relational databases running behind many enterprise applications.
  • Enhance existing data warehouses with advanced analytics and reporting.
  • Visualize data stored in files and publish reports enterprise-wide.
  • Report big data from a centralized location.

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