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Analance dashboard

This assessment determines:

  • Current BI and analytics requirements

  • Different business processes that need to be leveraged

  • Operational systems that can be leveraged to support analytics programs

  • Progress of current analytics initiatives

  • Future plans and target environment for advanced analytics

  • Appropriate steps to see value from advanced analytics program

What our clients have to say…

“It has been guiding our decisions”

“Analance is not a separate component of our organization. It is deeply integrated and it has always played a big role in guiding our assumptions, strategies and decisions. We heavily rely on it and that goes to say, the Analance team has been fully supportive from day one to ensure we never hit a road block. ”

Telecommunications Company

“Analytics helps to delight clients”

“Analance helped us discover individual customer favorites and identify the next steps towards a more targeted marketing strategy. Now we can initiate direct discussions, resulting in a better understanding of our clients at a personal level.”

Financial & Mutual Funds Services Company

“All decisions are based on accurate data”

“After eliminating data silos, the users’ trust and confidence in our data has increased dramatically. No more questions are raised about data accuracy or data validity.”

Healthcare Company
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