Why Analance?

Why choose Analance for Churn Prediction?

  • Access and monitor call center metrics to provide proactive customer service.
  • Access real-time telecom dashboards (customer analytics dashboards, network analytics dashboard or sales analytics dashboards) for better churn prediction and churn management.
  • Predict churn based on historical sales and churn data to prevent future customer churn.
  • Make micro decisions with quick report building for more agility.
  • Easily integrate churn data from 65+ connectors (both structured and unstructured data).
  • Access pre-built data analytics algorithms with the capability to integrate new custom functions.
  • Self-serve analytics platform that requires minimal vendor dependency.
  • Supports multi-tenancy and cloud ready = lower TCO
  • A single analytics platform delivering functionalities of multiple tools in the market.
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What Our Clients Experienced

“We won our customers back!”

“We were concerned with the rate at which our customers were churning. Our data was dispersed across various systems, and there was no easy way to consolidate the data for a better, more accurate picture. With Analance and the support team, we consolidated massive data sets and easily explored the data to find pertaining issues to rectify. We prevented customers from churning and won customers back. Working with Ducen and the Analance team has been productive and assuring.” – Telecommunications Company

“Why didn’t we do this sooner!”

“We were looking for a comprehensive intelligence and analytics solution that would not only capture business data but also clinical information from multiple sources so we could connect the dots better. Analance had the capability to deliver on our data requirements and Ducen was able to meet our implementation timelines – it was a clear choice.” – Healthcare Company

“We eliminated redundant tasks!”

“Analance helped us reduce the number of custom reports. Now, users have direct access to the information they need and can analyze it right from an interactive dashboard. Generating and distributing reports is no longer a daunting task. This allows us to focus on only actionable information.” – Financial & Mutual Funds Company

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