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Dashboards that may inspire you!

Business Intelligence Dashboards

BI Dashboarding is essential to every department in an organization. It not only helps to organize and visualize all your data in a single dashboard but also help to keep everyone in the organization on the same page. Building dashboards and exporting reports is a very basic activity department heads struggle to manage and maintain. In fact, trying to glean insights from raw, siloed data is not at all progressive. With Analance Business Intelligence, first start to centralize all your data from over 40+ connectors into a single platform. Only then the dashboards and reports you build are reliable and have some meaning. When it comes to dashboarding using the Analance BI tool, it is easy. Whether you are looking for simple descriptive analytics or more advanced predictive analytics, the process is the same. Improve how you communicate with your team and other departments in the organization. Paint a bigger picture for shareholders and customers. Track performance and key metrics for better quality and operational excellence

What do I get?

  • Ready-to-use data to get the most out of your 30-day trial from day one.

  • For every defined business challenge, use up to 9 models and 41 algorithms to test your hypothesis.

  • Beautiful color palettes, clean design of charts, tables, crosstabs, histograms, heatmaps, box plots and more to visualize and present data in a more meaningful way.
  • Export reports – we have up to 6 export formats!

What to expect?

  • Swap between modules seamlessly with just a click of a button.

  • Fully self-serve with workflows embedded into every module – leaving no room for mistakes.
  • Super intuitive and easy to use platform for data scientists, business users and all the users in between. Zero coding.

    • For every defined business challenge, use up to 9 models and 41 algorithms to test your hypothesis.
  • A more intuitive UI and a unique offering that most web-based tools do not offer now.

  • Platform capabilities are all available at a glance with clear indicators of what options or features are available to different types of users.

  • Data governance – Analance ensures that the original source of data is never tampered with.

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