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Accessible Intelligence from Embedded Analytics

Move to an automated, action focused approach for business processes.

Work Embedded Analytics and BI into business process applications. Transform your operations from an outdated, rigid approach to a more action focused, behavior oriented automated approach. With dynamic market requirements and competition, Embedded Analytics with basic BI, dashboards and reports do not help a company stand out from the crowd. Differentiate by embedding analytical tools that have modern and sophisticated capabilities. AnalanceTM delivers analytics for every business process application, user and function.

With AnalanceTM Embedded Analytics, you can:

Faster Revenue Growth with Business Applications Integrated with Embedded Analytics

Easily implement powerful embedded analytics.

Transitioning from a traditional and gridlocked application to a more active and free flowing analytic application is a daunting task. Select one of five common engagement levels based on the complexity of the application, user and business requirements and company goals and objectives. Explore functionality offered to end users at each level.


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