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Visualize Business Processes

Understand a business in minutes.

Drive data from multiple systems into a single dashboard to get a better, more holistic view of a business in minutes. Explore and dig deep into data using charts, tables, crosstabs, histograms, heatmaps, box plots and many more advanced data visualizations. Tailor dashboards with interactive visuals and customize dashboards down to the color of a pie chart. Unify data from different streams into a single dashboard and customize dashboards into multiple views for different user types.

Customize With Advanced Data Visualization

Choose from a variety of data visualization options like charts, maps, gauges, and trend indicators to present data in a more meaningful way.

360 View of Customers

Customer insights delivered at a glance.

With AnalanceTM, get a holistic view of customers through beautiful infographics delivered right to dashboards. Get a detailed snapshot of customer information, services delivered, billing information and more from a single dashboard anytime, anywhere. Dig even deeper into each customer information layer to find new correlations and insights. Make data-informed decisions and fully understand how customers behave and react the way they do. Improve retention and increase customer value.

Powerful Dashboards and Reports

Moving from good to great insights anytime, anywhere.

Measure Business Success with KPIs and Scorecards

Keep the team on track with advanced dashboarding.

Measure and track success of business objectives by drilling into operational or employee performance reports to diagnose points or drops in KPIs. With a cloud-based option, interactive scorecards can be accessed via the web from any device. Never miss an alert about unexpected changes in visualized data. Always stay informed, even on the go.


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