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Unify Sources for Smart Data Discovery

Connect and explore data at full speed.

AnalanceTM transforms operational data into highly enriched interactive reports, giving decision makers the power to drill down into key insights, business trends and anomalies in real-time for smart data discovery. The platform is entirely self-serve, allowing all users to extract information easily and intuitively without any IT support.

Connect Data

Connect and consolidate relevant enterprise and external data sources into a single, unified view to uncover key insights and make faster, more intelligent decisions.

Prepare Data

Ensure enterprise data is in a standardized format, free of errors and duplications. Clean, transform and synchronize data to ensure analysis and decisions are based on valid data.

Analyze Data

Use smart analytical models to find hidden insights and relationships in data. Forecast outcomes at a glance with easy-to-use interactive visualizations.

Build and Share Data

Build smart customized reports and dashboards to share across the organization, eliminating reporting silos. Customize reports based on user preferences and get creative and experimental about presenting your data.

Break Technical Barriers and Take Control of Analytics

With AnalanceTM Data Discovery, you can:


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