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Big Data Analytics

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Running advanced analytical models on data silos generates a partial view of customer needs and business operations. Use AnalanceTM to connect and unify multiple data sources easily, whether from structured sources like Hadoop and MongoDB or unstructured sources like network and server logs, weblogs, call records, social media, GPS and sensors. Implement your Big Data Analytics strategy and start seeing hidden relationships and patterns that hold answers to all the tough questions you have asked.

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With AnalanceTM, users connect and directly access, explore, analyze and visualize unified data from a single portal. Create and customize dashboards and reports for different audiences, including data scientists, analysts and business users.

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What is Big Data?

Big data is different from traditional data, which is found on typical data storage, servers, and SAN in a structured format. Big data is composed of semi-structured and unstructured data, which can pose a challenge for most businesses to sort through. Examples like traffic patterns, social media tweets/posts, call logs and sensor data are all recorded and can be analyzed to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, trends and preferences. Big data helps reveal revenue opportunities, more effective marketing, customer service improvements, operational efficiencies and competitive advantages.

Characteristics of big data

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