Predictive analytics for sales

Just as analytics helps marketers understand and address customer’s needs, sales analytics can also help your sales team build valuable and effective relationships with prospects in the sales pipeline. Based on sales performance and campaign metrics, the team can strategize to improve future sales campaigns for higher conversion rates and maximized profits. With predictive analytics, ensure the sales team meet sales targets with insights that help personalize sales outreach, pitches, and optimize strategies to better acquire B2C or B2B prospects.

Sales analytics use cases

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Visibility into future sales performance and volume with predictive sales analytics


A consumer goods company dealt with disappointing sales figures and failed to understand the factors that impacted their product sales performance. Whether the problems were with the technology, sales strategy, sales approach, marketing tactics, or the sales force was unknown.


Four months’ worth of data was analyzed to identify the variables most likely to impact the sales volume. Regression was carried out using different models (Linear Regression, Decision Tree, and Bayesian Regression) to estimate the relationship between sales and the selected predictor variables. Analance identified a number of predictors for the client with root-mean-square-deviation ranging from 92 to 95.

Build a strategic sales process with predictive insights

Personalize Sales Efforts

Personalize sales efforts

Move away from the batch-and-blast method and tailor incentives and outreach strategies for potential customers. Create defined customer segments based on relevant variables through clustering techniques.

Improve Targeting

Improve targeting

Using lift modeling, identify prospects that are likely to generate the maximum revenue gains. Focus sales efforts on them and implement cross-selling and upselling strategies.

Get an Integrated View of Customers

Track customer footprint

Get on-the-spot information about potential customers’ behavior, activity, and interests in order to provide relevant information and customize sales conversations.

Improve Communication Channels

Add new channels

Lead sales prospects through the sales funnel, allow them to engage with the brand in a timely manner, and provide round-the-clock support with chatbots.

Streamline Sales Operations

Streamline sales operations

Optimize the sales process by automating repetitive workflows such as initial outreach, information collection, and other administrative tasks.

Get Into the Mind of Prospects

Read prospects mind

Analyze customer satisfaction surveys, social media mentions, and other forms of feedback to get an idea of what questions customers are asking and what they need.

Why enable predictive analytics?

Analance empowers organizations with data analytics for better storytelling and predictive insights that help scale business outcomes.