ADM - Analance Data Management

Analance Data Management (ADM)

Self-Serve Data Transformation and Integration Module

Analance Data Management (ADM) tool is a solid, well-designed and documented ETL system that makes data consolidation easy for both data engineers and business users. ADM adopts a simplified UI that allow users to perform complex data integrations and cleaning without any IT intervention.

Big Data Integration with ADM

A fast and cost-effective way to connect and transform data

ADM is an enterprise data integration software that allow users to easily import data into a single platform. Analance offers 40+ data connectors and 28 transformation tools to prepare data for analysis.

Data Connectors
Transformation Tools
Compatible with Other Analytics Platforms

Easily build and maintain a golden record

Make better, faster decisions based on good data

ETL is not a one-time event. Running analytics on incomplete, missing or inconsistent data means zero progress and unreliable insights. With ADM, unify data from 40+ data connectors and apply 28 transformational tools to keep your data clean and integrated in a single data warehouse.

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Process high-volumes of data while enhancing the data quality and enabling access to critical information from across the organization.

Transform functional data in silos and models into a unified knowledge base and define the business rules and the transformation logic for the data.

Synchronize structured, unstructured and semi-structured data from a wide range of systems and applications without compromising security.

Standardize formats to ensure data accuracy and further validate data by removing outliers, replacing null values, handling duplicates and performing data normalization.


Why choose Analance Data Management as your ETL tool?

Visualize and Manage your Data with Analance

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